Sunday, 4 May 2008

The kids today

Just cuz they're so cute!

Here's KC on our walk this morning. We walked around the CAMH grounds.

And here are Morgan and Byron in one of their usual spots this afternoon.

And then KC snuggled in!


imac said...

What a cute family you have.

Want a smile - come and visit mine.

Katney said...

Looks like some pets spoiled sweet.

Wendy said...

Ah, the sweet life!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so cutes your pets!
I have a dog called Habib! ^ - ^
Thank you for the congratulations on my blog!

David Edward said...

do you work in the mental health field?

Unknown said...

Awww, it looks like someone was enjoying the sun today.

Anonymous said...

Don't they always know which spot is the best! :P

Thanks for your blogversary wishes :)

Anonymous said...

They look tired out. :)