Saturday 10 May 2008

Book ~ "Tonight I Said Goodbye" (2005) Michael Koryta

From Goodreads ~ Investigator Wayne Weston is found dead of an apparent suicide in his upscale Cleveland suburban home. His wife and six-year-old daughter are now missing. The police think the former Marine murdered them. Hoping to exonerate his son, Weston's father hires PIs Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard.

Perry and Pritchard soon discover there is much more lying beneath the surface, including rumors of gambling debts, extortion, and a Russian mob that likes to wield baseball bats. But just when Perry and Pritchard believe they are making swift progress, a millionaire real estate tycoon and the FBI advise them to back off of the investigation.

Then without warning, another murder suddenly forces them to change direction in the case as they uncover a trail of deadly twists - but the most shocking secret of all has yet to be unraveled.

I had read A Welcome Grave, the third book in the series, last month and enjoyed it so wanted to go back and catch up with the first two.

As with A Welcome Grave, I enjoyed the writing style. It's fast paced, funny and sarcastic at times. I liked the characters, especially Lincoln and Joe. It's interesting to see how they have developed since I've read the third book.

The ending took a twist I hadn't expected, which was a nice surprise.

I'm looking forward to reading the next one (which is the second one)!

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