Thursday, 1 May 2008

New camera

The button on my camera fell off yesterday so I couldn't take any pictures.

I wasn't pleased as I'd just bought it in June.

I took it back to Sony today to have it repaired. It could take up to three weeks.


I can't be without a camera for that long.

I bought an Olympus FE-130 this afternoon. It's small and can fit in my pocket (that's one thing I hate about my Sony camera ... it's big and bulky).

It wasn't that expensive ($150). I haven't used it yet but it seems pretty cool.

Nothing wrong with having two cameras, right?


Anonymous said...

that's completely right! and if your honey ever needs to take a camera to one of his tournaments or anything, there won't be a problem, you both can have a camera each day without having to share ;) We also have 2 at home, one bigger, one smaller super pocket-sized.

Isabel said...

I thought you had just bought that camera. And it already broke? That sucks.
But yay on the new camera!

Anonymous said...

I envy you - its a great camera and of course the most important: good optics!

Unknown said...

You can never have too many cameras!

CapricornWoman said...

I have 2 cameras, a biggish one and a pocketable one that I always have with my, usually in my handbag..