Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wild life of a kitty

Have you ever wondered what kitties do all day when you're not home?

My observation is ... not much.

Here are Morgan and Byron at 10:00 this morning.

I was gone for five hours.

Here they are at 3:00.

Basically Byron spun around and Morgan shifted.


CapricornWoman said...

I sometimes leave my neighbours cat in if she's asleep on the bed... and I also don't think she moves an inch for the entire day.. I wanna be a cat!

Anonymous said...

That's was what my parents believed when they where out the whole day and my sister and I was alone too. Glad they did not had a web cam in the house :lol:

Monkey! said...

Yep. You've got it covered.

Anonymous said...

Hehe! True! Cats can lay around the whole day. I wonder if they don't get bored. :)

Isabel said...

I wanna be a kitty!

Anonymous said...

that is soo true! I have a little cat bed on top of my bed...and "harriet" stays there all day also.