Friday, 25 April 2008

Books ~ "Chick Ink: 40 Stories of Tattoos--And the Women Who Wear Them" (2007) - Karen L. Hudson

From ~ That's what tattoos today are all about. Join the women of Chick Ink in this celebration of the tattoos that grace our bodies, tell our stories, and mark forever the significant moments of our lives. Because if you're a woman with a tattoo, you're woman enough for anything.

Interesting and fun book that tells the stories of why we women get tattoos. I didn't realize that parents still disapproved so much! My favourite story was by Michelle Swartz about her grandmother who got a red sportscar and a pig tattoo on her 80th birthday. You go, Girl!

I was drawn to this book because I have two tattoos. One is of two hearts with a purple flower on either side on my left shoulder that I got when I was 30 (it used to have my and my first husband's initials in the hearts which I've since had lasered out and touched up) and a sunflower that I got when I was 44 (October 2006).

I think tattoos are cools and will no doubt get more ink in the future.

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Joy T. said...

Ohhhh I have to write this book down. The subject of tattoo's came up while spending a day with my daughters. I have one, about to get another one, both daughter's want one. VERY interesting conversation as to why they want to get one versus why I want to get them. Thanks for writing about this!