Tuesday, 22 April 2008

CN Tower climb update

The CN Tower climb numbers came out today.

Top male: Matt Druken ~ 11:27
Top female: Julia Totosy de Zepetnek ~13:55


I came in 3965 out of 4428 (2041 out of 2393 women) with a time of 37:46.

The last in was 1:28:52.

Great experience and it gives me something to shoot for next time!


Anonymous said...

And I would have been coming in right about now ;)

I think you did fabulous!

Buttons bursting with pride here in New York,

Teresa said...

Wow, that's some competition. I'd be glad that I made it to the top. Hope you enjoy your stay in the lovely town of Timmins.

Unknown said...

Congrats! I think it's so wonderful that you did this, Teena.