Friday, 4 April 2008

Excellent customer service

When I was in Halifax last month, I bought a couple of hoodies with "Nova Scotia" on the front at a store in the airport.

I bought Gord a blue XL one. I judged that from the size of his, I would need a L one (mine is ivy/green). I didn't bother unfolding it.

When I got home, I discovered that the L and XL were exactly the same size ... one must have been sized wrong. Mine was waaaaaaaaaaay too big for me.

I checked the label and sent an email to Fundy Textile & Design to let them know what had happened. Since I'd thrown out the tag and receipt, my intent was just to draw it to their intention so they could fix the problem going forward. I was going to give mine to Gord.

I got an email from Renee right away. She said she would exchange mine (even without the tag and receipt) if I mailed it back to her. Plus I would be refunded the mail costs.

How nice is that?!

And guess what arrived by courier today?!

My hoodie!

And not only did she exchange my hoodie but she sent me a M one instead (I had asked if that was possible).

And I love it!

What great customer service!

Renee rocks!

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Isabel said...

That is great customer service. The hoodie looks warm!