Wednesday 16 April 2008

First sign of spring

Spring is here!

How do I know?

The patios are open!

Gord came home from work today with the great idea of having our first "patio beer" of the season.

We headed over to our closest pub, the Brazen Head.



Teena and Gord

The beer tasted goooooood!


Teresa said...

It was balmy here yesterday, and we surpassed our high of 15 to 18. Everyone was out without jackets, kids playing on bikes and in yards. Looks like Spring has finally arrived. Yeah for getting back outside to enjoy life. Hope you find yourself on the terrace again today. If Mtl is going to be 20 today, TO will most certainly be higher.

Jafo said...

Yes, patio weather is finally here. About time to fire up the old barby. I knew it wouldn't take long though. My sure-fire sign spring was here.... allergies.