Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Book ~ "Suspect" (2004) - Michael Robotham

From Amazon.com ~ Joe O'Loughlin, a London psychologist, loves his job and loves his family (wife Julianne and eight-year-old daughter Charlie) even more in Australian author Robotham's well-written, if somewhat convoluted, debut suspense novel. O'Loughlin's life takes two disastrous turns: first, he's diagnosed with Parkinson's disease; second, while helping Det. Insp. Vincent Ruiz on the case of a murdered nurse, Catherine Mary McBride, he becomes the primary suspect in the killing. The crime occurred close to O'Loughlin's London home, giving him opportunity, and it turns out that McBride had been his patient and had accused him of harassment, giving him plenty of motive. Vivid characters mostly avoid stereotype, while a fast and furious last section makes up for a wealth of asides and anecdotes that, however effectively done, slow the narrative. More seriously, the book can't decide whether it's a psychological mystery or a conspiracy thriller and strains credibility well past the breaking point. Still, Robotham shows real promise, putting a fresh spin on the familiar crime fiction trope of the falsely accused man.

The premise sounded good and I love mysteries ... but I found this book really really slow. I wouldn't recommend it.

I wasn't sympathic to Joe at all. He finds out he has Parkinson's ... so gets drunk and sleeps with a former hooker. Hello ... he has a wife!!

The ending is definitely convoluted! Whatever ...

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