Friday, 15 July 2005

Fred's Not Here, Toronto, ON

From ~ Fred may not not be there to greet you, but the staff at this smokehouse and grill reserve neither tables nor courtesy solely for their tuxedo-clad clientele. Suits, guys 'n' dolls, and camera-carrying tourists receive the same welcome. But do reserve a spot at this formal bistro-style destination in the heart of the theatre district--it gets busy. The fusion cuisine offers a cornucopia of flavors, from Thai to New Miami: U.S. prime steak, rack of lamb, and fresh game in the winter, including venison, rabbit, pheasant, and, you guessed it, emu and ostrich. There's also a fine assortment of pastas. Many of these items come right out from the smokehouse and off the grill.

Gord and I went to Fred's Not Here (King Street W) tonight. We were lucky enough to get a table on the patio. I had pork quesadillas, fish and chips and apple normandy. Gord had duck instead of fish and chips. The food was yummy and the service was good, considering how busy it was. We would go back.

It's amazing how busy King Street is on a Friday night. The restaurants are packed and there are people continuously walking around.

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