Wednesday 20 July 2005

Book ~ "False Profits" (2005) Patricia Smiley

From ~ When investors accuse Tucker Sinclair of doctoring a business plan, they approach Sinclair's boss and mentor, Gordon Aames, and demand their $11 million back. Sinclair goes in search of the plan's primary author, a neurologist, Milton Polk, and discovers Polk is dead. In an unlikely scenario, Sinclair injects herself into a charity luncheon given by Wade Covington, a powerful man connected both to Aames and the murder victim. Clarification of Covington's murky relationship to Polk and of a convoluted insurance scam take up most of Sinclair's energy, though she finds time for sparkless visits with her ex-husband and skirmishes with her Aunt Sylvia, who's determined to get her hands on Sinclair's beachfront cottage.

It wasn't a bad read - it was slow in some parts but has the possibility to become a good series.

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