Monday 11 December 2023

TOCA, Toronto, ON

I had supper this evening  at TOCA (in the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Wellington Street W) with Rona, Deb, Franca and Liz … we’ve been friends for almost 30 years (we used to work together). It’s the first time we have all been together in 4 years. 

I had Tagliatelle Bolognese (Beef and Pork Bolognese, Green Peas, Olive Oil). It was good but cold. I didn't want to make a fuss so ate it as it was.

Deb is retiring and I retired last year so Luis, our server, surprised us with two desserts to share. 

Luis was friendly and helpful and took excellent care of us. Because we were a party of six (Deb's daughter had joined us), a 20% service charge was automatically added to our bills.

And here we are ... Rona, Deb, Franca, Liz and I.

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