Thursday 14 December 2023

Book ~ "Fluffy & Freckles" (2020) Ellen Miles

From Goodreads ~ Charles is so excited for his spring break trip to his dad's friend Steve's cozy cabin in Vermont. Especially once he spots Freckles, a shy, stray pup out alone on the snowy trail. Dad and Steve agree to foster the lonely pup. 

When they're joined by Fluffy, an undersized newborn lamb from a nearby farm, the baby animals become quick friends. Charles is going to have his hands full with these two little ones!

Charles is in elementary school. His family, the Petersons, have a puppy named Buddy plus they foster dogs and help them find homes.

Charles and his father are visiting his father's friend, Steve, who lives in the woods in Vermont. Every spring Steve taps maple syrup and Charles and his father will be there to help him this time. As they are snowshoeing, they see tracks and realize it must be a dog. They follow the tracks and find a puppy, who Charles names Freckles, finding shelter in a cave. They take the puppy back to Steve's to figure out what to do with him. Then one of Steve's friends asks him for temporary help with a baby lamb whose mother has rejected it. They take the lamb, who Charles names Fluffy, and Freckles and Fluffy become fast friends. Charles is determined, though, to find Freckles a furever home.

Though this book is a quick read and directed at elementary-aged children, I found it entertaining. There is a learning experience and a puppy tip at the end. It is written in third person perspective and first person from Freckle's point of view. It is the 58th in the Puppy Place series, which currently has 66 books in the series, and works as a stand alone.

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