Thursday 21 December 2023

“Hair Care”, The Red Sandcastle Theatre, Toronto, ON

Gord and I saw Hair Care at the Red Sandcastle Theatre (922 Queen Street E) this evening.

Devised by 17 creators, this play was conceived deep in Covid-19 lockdown. Through four Zoom workshops, these young artists shared their good and bad hair days. These stories were then braided together by Alyssa Featherstone and Tanisha Sinclair, with dramaturgy by Alicia Richardson. 

The play follows eight characters on their hair care journey: from inhairitence, to growing hairier, to finding their hairy identity and celebrating their hair just as it is. 

Come with us as we learn about the knots and tangles in all kinds of hair — and dare to care for it all.

It was funny, serious and emotional. The performers played different parts and all were excellent.

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