Sunday 15 October 2023

Book ~ "Funny You Should Say That" (2023) Gerry Dee

From Goodreads ~ One of Canada’s top comedians shares the funniest stories from his life and career in this collection of hilarious essays.

For more than two decades, Gerry Dee has made audiences laugh, first as a hard-working stand-up comedian, and then as the star of his own CBC television program, "Mr. D". 

Dee became a physical education teacher, thinking he would have it all - coaching, summers off and a good pension. But he found himself dreaming of a career in comedy, until one day, years later, he turned in his teaching certificate and picked up a microphone. He went on to become one of Canada’s top comics. 

In his new book of essays, Dee writes about his life - being a kid in suburban Toronto, becoming a father, starring in his own TV show, going on the road to comedy clubs across Canada and the U.S. He takes us behind the scenes of "Last Comic Standing", "Mr. D" and everywhere in between. There was the time he set up his own DVD-signing appearances, only to have no one show up. Or the time he was flown to the Bahamas, where he performed for drunken fishermen and their “nieces.” And he shares his lifelong affliction with hypochondria and all the medical conditions he doesn’t have. This is Gerry Dee at his comedic finest.

Gerry Dee is a Canadian actor, stand-up comedian, game show host, director, producer and writer. This book caught my eye because Dee is Canadian, is from Toronto and went to the same university in Nova Scotia as I did (though I was a few years ahead of him). Plus I like reading books to get the behind the scene scoop on how things work in the entertainment world.

Dee tells his life in essays ... he talks about his parents and how they came from Scotland to Canada, how he was small as a child but loved sports (he was competitive ... he wasn't the best but he wasn't the worst), being a teacher until he discovered is passion for being a comic, the struggle of the years to make it as a comedian and actor in Canada and the U.S., his love for his family, being a hypochondriac and more.

I liked this book and Dee's writing style ... it's conversational. It was interesting to read about all he did to get to where he is and how his priorities changed when he got married and starting have children. As a head's up, there is some swearing. It would have been nice if there had been pictures (there were none).

I never watched Mr. D. when it was on from 2012 to 2018 so I'll check it out. He was funny as Donny on Trailer Park Boys: The Movie and Gord and I have been to the live tapings of Family Feud Canada (most recently in August).

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Teresa said...

Saw him perform his comedy act at Just For Laughs in Montreal prior to his rise to fame. He is a funny guy.