Monday 9 October 2023

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Arthur's Seat is an ancient volcano which is the main peak of the group of hills in Edinburgh, which form most of Holyrood Park. The hill rises above the city to a height of 250.5 m (822 ft). And that's where Gord and I headed this afternoon! It was a tough climb (it took me 1.5 hours to get to the top) but the views were fabulous!

Getting ready for the climb
The climb got harder ... steeper and rockier ...
the higher we went

Gord had an issue with heights and stopped at this point ... I kept going up up up.

After this path, it was just hilly rocks to climb up
At the top ... whoohoo!

Heading up, it was hard going so I went down the other side, mostly sliding along the rocks on my but until I got to the grassy path.

Back to where I left Gord ...

There's an easier climb down this hill rather than going back the way we came and that's the route we took. It's a steep decline but grassy ... and it would get us closer to The Sheep Heid Inn, where we wanted to have supper.

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