Wednesday 5 July 2023

Toronto Fringe Festival, Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, ON

I volunteered as an usher at the Tarragon Theatre at the Toronto Fringe Festival this afternoon ... today was the first day of the festival.

Paulette was my team captain.

As an usher, I got to see “A Jew in a Gentile World” (Steve Brinder is one of Canada's finest stand-up comedians. Based on personal observations of being a Baby Boomer growing up Jewish in Toronto, Steve covers topics such as antisemitism, assimilation, Christmas, Easter, Passover and an homage to the great stand-up comedians of his childhood. A touching, insightful, nostalgic and hilarious journey of an outsider trying to fit in.) 

I also saw and “Maze” (A young woman awakens in a maze and faces a race against time to complete a set of tests to escape. Along the way, her reality and past begin to disintegrate, prompting her to question whether her mirages are a product of the maze or her own psyche. “Maze” is a powerful exploration of human transitions, family dynamics, mortality and Hungarian heritage.)

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