Saturday 15 July 2023

Civil Liberties, Toronto, ON

I've been hearing about Civil Liberties (on Bloor Street W at Ossington Avenue) for a while ... it was ranked the 12th best bar in North America in 2023. It's not far from us and we were in the 'hood so we checked it out tonight on our way home.

When we got there, there it was jammed and there were no seats so we were given a spot to stand at the back.

A high top table opened up pretty quickly near the front for us. The place has a fun loud vibe.


The first round we ordered the same thing. We told the bartender we wanted something with dark rum and to surprise us. Ta-da! It had dark rum, ginger, prosecco and something else.

The next round we went for something different. I asked for something sweet and Gord said he didn't want what I was getting. Again we left it up to the bartender. We have no idea what was in the drinks but they were good ... I could taste pineapple in mine.

It was raining when we left around 9ish and it was still a busy spot.

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Teresa said...

Looks like a nice place.