Monday 10 July 2023

Toronto Fringe Festival, Factory Theatre, Toronto, ON

I volunteered at the Factory Theatre at the Toronto Fringe Festival this afternoon.

Linda, Derbail (our front of house rep) and I

I checked attendees in and got to see Sweaty, Bloated and Stressed.

Join the ride of this 25 year old who's trying to navigate all parts of life; identity, career, dating, existentialism and much more. ‘Sweaty, Bloated, and Stressed’ is a 53 minute expression of the life of Jill Goranson (writer & performer), who unfortunately can equate her life with being a flight with Flair airlines- uncomfortable, unreliable and well … often disappointing. 

Through story & improvised song, this musical stand-up comedy show is bound to leave you giggling. People who haven’t seen the show yet have come up to Jill in her mind saying “Wow Jill - that was SO funny!

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