Friday 28 July 2023

Arlington Hotel, Paris, ON

Gord and I spent Wednesday to today in Paris, ON, and we stayed at the Arlington Hotel downtown.

When we checked in, I mentioned to Samantha that it was my birthday/our anniversary and she sent a bottle of bubby to our room. How nice is that?!

There are 24 themed rooms and we were Stan Lee room ... all things Stan Lee! The room was a good size as was the bathroom.  There was a coffee maker but alas, no mini fridge (I always travel with water). It would have been nice to have "normal" TV channels ... instead they were themed like the That Girl channel, Beverly Hillbillies channel, Biggest Loser channel, etc. Parking, WIFI and a continental breakfast were complementary. 

Thor's hammer was by the door
There was a Blue Ray player and Marvel movies

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