Sunday 8 January 2023

Open Cribbage Tournament, Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 31 Mount Dennis, Toronto, ON

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 Mount Dennis (on Weston Road) had a cribbage tournament this afternoon and Gord and I were there. We've been going to them for a few years and it's always a fun afternoon.

There were 48 teams and the top prize was $280! We were hoping to do better than we have in the past there … our best has been 5 wins/5 losses and that’s how we did today. We got skunked three games (!!!!!) but double skunked the last team we played. Needless to say, we didn’t make it onto the winners board. It was a fun afternoon. A fella on the second team we played got a 29 hand (the most points you can get in a hand) in one of the later games … they are very rare and I’ve never seen one! 

There were two 50/50 draws and the prizes were $240 and $295. Alas, we didn’t win those … the same guy won both!!!! 

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