Wednesday 4 January 2023

Casa Loma, Toronto, ON

Casa Loma has their Christmas at the Castle event happening until January 8 and I wanted to check it out before it was over so I headed there this morning. I'm glad I did as there was so much to see and it was done very well.

The Great Hall

Sir Henry Pellatt's study

Sir Henry Pellatt's bedroom

The view from his window
His bathroom

Lady Mary Pellatt's suite

The view from her terrace
The view from her terrace

A guest suite

Windsor Room

The Round Room

The Maid's Staircase to the servants' rooms

The Group of Seven Room

The outside Norman Tower (it's worth the climb!)

Climbing back down

The enclosed Scottish Tower, the highest tower (worth the climb)

The Serving Room

The tunnel heading to the stable

The stable


The Backstage Celebrity Gallery- figures from a selection of films and events which have taken place at Casa Loma

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Sarah Jessica Parker
Jackie Chan
Mike Tyson
Mike Myers and Jessica Alba
Salma Hayek
Paul Walker
Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston
Jessica Chastain
Samuel L. Jackson
Patrick Stewart
Halley Berry
Hugh Jackman

The potting shed

The garage

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Teresa said...

Beautiful place! Looks as though you had it all to yourself. Happy New Year.