Saturday 4 September 2021

Trailhead Place, Ontario Place, Toronto, ON

Trailhead Place has been happening on the weekends over the summer ... this is the last weekend for it. They have set up picnic tables in the small parking lot just east of Ontario Place. I discovered it a couple weeks ago and had fun so was looking forward to going again.

Goodie bags are given out as you come in.

If you order something from the bar, you are given a basket of snacks courtesy of Kettle Chips, Duke’s and Ivanhoe.

Here are me and Gord!

The Canadian Air International Show is happening this weekend and it was a great spot to watch!

There is live music for a couple hours and this afternoon was Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost. They were really good and played classic Celtic and east coast covers, traditional fiddle tunes and original tunes. I’m from the east coast and miss the music.

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