Friday 10 September 2021

The Scented Market, Guelph, ON

I've been following The Scented Market on Instagram for a while.  Because some might say I already have an overabundance of scented candles, I've been able to resist ordering from them because I've been waiting for my supply to go down a bit.

They recently had a sale ... buy one, get one half price.  When Dawn, my friend/neighbour/scented candle addict, reminded me on Monday the sale was ending that night (and she recommends their candles), I knew it was time to try them (Dawn is a bad influence!).  I made an order and they just arrived.

Beach Day Baby!!!! All things coconut and sunshine!
Farm Pickin' - that sweet summer smell of
fresh strawberries with a hint of cream and vanilla.
Farmhouse Fresh is a balance of lemon and basil.
When you are in the mood to clean and that
fresh lemon scent makes you feel spic-and-span!
Fruity Pie a fresh blend of all things citrus.
Gramma's Jam - the smell of the kitchen when
gramma makes a fresh batch of blueberry jam!
Morning Dew - when you look out your window
first thing in the morning and see those
rain drops sitting quietly on the sprigs of grass.
Raspberry Bush -
the fresh aroma of hand-picked raspberries.
Shiplap is that fresh pine scent when you hang those
boards on the wall followed by a bit of spice!
Breathe it in ... new wall smell.

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