Saturday 14 November 2020

Penne alla Vodka with Chicken, PC Chef

Last week I'd ordered the Jerk Chicken with Rice & Beans, Sweet Plantain and Coleslaw meal kit and Gord had ordered Korean Gochujang Chicken from PC Chef (I'd gotten an email from them that I could order one of their meal kits and get one free).  They were both really good.  

They have been posting a code on social media for the same deal so we ordered again ... I got Penne alla Vodka with Chicken and Gord got Korean Gochujang Chicken again (both regularly $12 each) and they arrived today.

And that's what we had for supper tonight.

The kits come with EVERYTHING all measured out. 

I'm not a fan of parmesan cheese so didn't use it (Gord likes it so will use it on something).  It was really good.  In fact, I had planned on having half for supper tonight and the other half for lunch tomorrow ... but I ended up eating it all.  Yum!

I'd get this again!

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Teresa said...

Interesting how they have gotten into this emerging market. Looks good.