Friday 20 November 2020

Local Public Eatery, Toronto, ON

Gord and I had lunch today on the patio at the Local Public Eatery (in Liberty Village).  

He's been having lunch there on Fridays for the last month and I've been working so haven't been able to go.  Today it was sunny and 17C and probably the last nice patio day 'til next year ... so I went along with him today.

We both ordered the Deluxe Burger.

Gord got his with no tomatoes and a side salad.

I got mine with no lettuce, onions or cheese.

Both meals were really good.  The fries were tasty.  I grabbed a piece of lettuce from Gord's salad and the apple cider vinegar dressing was good.  The bun on the burger was soft, just like I like 'em.  The patty was tender and juicy.  Gord's had this a few times in the last month and I can see why ... I'd get it again.

Celeste was our server.  She was friendly and took good care of us.

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