Sunday 15 November 2020

General Assembly Loving Cup Pizza Kit for 2, PC Chef

In the last couple of weeks, Gord and I have taken advantage of  PC Chef's promotions of ordering one of their meal kits and getting one free a few times ... and they've been good!

I love love love pizza and have been wanting to try General Assembly's pizzas.  I saw they are on PC Chef's meal kit list so I ordered two Loving Cup Pizza Kits for 2 (regularly $19.95 a kit).  They arrived this morning and we used one kit this evening for supper.  The kits are good for a week so we'll probably have the second kit on Friday for supper.

Each kit comes with EVERYTHING for two 10-inch pizzas all measured out. 

Here's my pizza ...


Yum!  I'm so glad we have the second kit!

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Teresa said...

Pizza is the best! This looks yummy.