Sunday 15 November 2020

Book ~ "Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrates Dogs: And the People Who Love Them" (2004) Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

From Goodreads ~ Dogs. Our best friends. From thedawn of civilization, we have cherished them as our loyal companions, exuberant playmates, healing and gentle souls. 

From adorable puppies with floppy ears and wobbly steps to full-grown guardinas of our love and trust, there is no other animal that compares to the dog. A playful growl, a boisterous bark, a cock of the head, an inquisitive stare - each inspires us with love and adoration. 

The stories and photographs in this wonderful volume celebrate the humor, loyalty, love, courage and healing power of our canine companions. Each page in this book rejoices in the wonderful and poignant moments we share with our furry friends and the lessons of love they teach us each and every day. 

I love reading stories about animals.  And I've read a few Chicken Soup for the Soul books over the years.

This is a cute quick read.  There are ten short stories about people and their dogs.  Plus there pictures of dogs throughout the book.

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