Sunday 21 April 2019

Stackt Market, Toronto, ON

Gord and I walked to Stackt Market this afternoon.

Stackt Market is on a previously vacant 2.6-acre plot of city-owned land at Front Street and Bathurst Street and has a two-year lease on the land.  It opened about a week and a half ago and businesses will fill about 120 containers offering various goods and services.  More than one business can operate out of the same container, which range from 140 to 1800 square feet. The market offers leases to tenants ranging from as little as two days to 18 months.

Gord bought a meditation ring from Laborde.

Belgian Moon has a beer hall.  You can sit inside or out.  We sat outside for a while.

There are food vendors inside and out.  Gord got some potato salad and he said it was really good.

It got a bit chilly so we went inside.

Thanks, Lauren!

Perry and Amelia sat with us and they were fun to talk with.

It was a fun spot and we'll be back!

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Teresa said...

Sounds and looks interesting.