Saturday 27 April 2019

Black Oak Brewing Co. Tour, Etobicoke, on

Today we did a tour at Black Oak Brewing Co (Horner Avenue and Evans Avenue).

You can pop in for a beer or two any time

You can buy glasses, teeshirts, beer to take home and even beer soap!

Owner Ken Woods conducted the tour.

Ken took us into the brewery and explained how everything worked.

Black Oak uses hops pellets but
Ken has some fresh hops in the freezer
Ken explained the bottling and canning process
You can get a keg to take home!
The beer fridge ... lock me in, pleez!

We had some samples.

Nut Brown beer

Pale Ale

We stayed on afterwards and had some beer and Dana took good care of us.

Thanks, Dana!

It's an interesting tour and you should check it out!  Ken is knowledgeable and the beer is tasty!

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Teresa said...

Looks like a nice place. Beer soap! Now that's a first.