Sunday 28 January 2018

Ice Castle, Winnipeg, MB

I'd heard about the Ice Castle a couple weeks ago and was happy to see that it would be here when I was in town this week.  I walked to the Forks, where it is, this afternoon to check it out.

Utah-based company Ice Castles set up structures that reach as high as 15 metres and they take up an acre.  They are made 100% by hand using just water and icicles and took about four weeks to make.  The structures are embedded with LED lights that twinkle along with music at night.  I was going to check it out this evening rather than this afternoon to see the lights but it was really cold this afternoon (-21C with a windchill of -30C) and I figured it would be even colder tonight.

There are different spaces such as the kids slide area, ice throne, fountain courtyard, maze, ice forest and more.

Admittance on the weekends is $17 if you get your ticket online or $20 at the gate (which is what I did).  It was fun to check out and I'm glad I went.

Looking up to the "ceiling" in the Dome Room
There were fire pits scattered around
Another fire pit
The exit of the 50 foot slide
A smaller slide for kids
Mini Adirondack/Muskoka chairs

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Teresa said...

How nice! Looks beautiful.