Wednesday 24 January 2018

Book ~ "S is for Silence" (2005) Sue Grafton

From Goodreads ~ Cases don't get much colder than that of Violet Sullivan, who disappeared from her rural California town in 1953, leaving behind an abusive husband and a seven-year-old named Daisy. But P.I. Kinsey Millhone has promised Daisy she'll try her best to locate Violet, dead or alive. Kinsey tries to pick up a trail by speaking to those who remember her - and perhaps were more involved in her life than they let on.

But the trail could lead her somewhere very dangerous. Because the case may have gone cold, but some peoples' feelings about Violet Sullivan still run as hot as ever.

It's 1987 and Kinsey Millhone is a private detective in Santa Teresa, CA, in her mid-thirties.  She is hired by Daisy to find out once and for all what happened to her mother, Violet, who disappeared in 1953.  Daisy was seven-years-old and the last time she saw her mother was when Violet was getting ready to go out for the evening.  Violet, her brand new car and her puppy were never seen again after that night.  Violet had a trampy reputation around town (which was justified) and no one knows whether she is dead (killed by her jealous husband who had a history of beating her up) or took off with another man.  Either scenario could be true.

This was an interesting story but could have better.  I found it a bit confusing because there were so many characters.  Plus it jumps back and forth from 1953 and 1987 with the same characters.  It's written in first person perspective in Kinsey's voice in 1987 and third person perspective in 1953.  None of the characters were really likable.  I found the ending wrapped up really quickly and I went "huh?" when the whodunnit was revealed.  There was no explanation as to how or why.  As a head's up, there is swearing and adult activity (between minors).

This is the nineteenth in the "alphabet series" featuring Kinsey Millhone.  Though it is part of a series, it works as a stand alone.  I discovered this series in the mid-1990s and have read them all.  I started rereading them last year.  With the author's recent death, Y is for Yesterday will be the end of the series.

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This was exactly what I was in the mood for! I have always enjoyed this series and it's so great that Grafton is still keeping me so entertained. This one really checked all my boxes. I loved all the flashbacks and that the mystery involved the town tramp. It was also great that I thought for sure I had it figured out and then I was wrong. What!?! HeeHee! I just loved this one and after 19 books, that's really saying something.