Monday 22 May 2017

Martin Goodman Trail, Toronto, ON

I wanted to go for a walk this afternoon to get my 10,000 steps plus to walk off the pancakes I'd had for lunch.

I headed to the Martin Goodman Trail.  I started at Budapest Park and walked to Sheldon Lookout and back.

We'd gotten a lot of rain a couple weeks ago (more than usual) and the water levels are high.

The walkway was flooded
The water is really close to Sunnyside
The wharves are buried
There are usually people playing beach volleyball here
The water isn't usually right up to these rocks
The trees are now in the water!
Another walkway flooded
More trees in the water
Humber Bay Arch Bridge
There weren't a lot of love locks on the bridge
The breakwater walls are under the water
Sheldon Lookout
Heading back to Budapest Park

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