Saturday 21 September 2013

Horseback riding at Broadleaf Ranch, NB

There is a stable near where Chrissy, Elaine, Sister Sarah and I are staying.

I've never ridden a horse so it was on my list of things I wanted to do since I had the opportunity here.

Broadleaf Ranch has about 35 horses ... half are males and half are females.

We went on the hour ride ... it was just $30!

There were eight in our 3pm group and we were assigned horses.   Here's Chrissy and her horse, Ginger.

Here's Elaine and her horse, Appy.

Here's my horse, Shiloh ... it's not good when you have to drag a horse out.  Ha!  Apparently he is lazy and stubborn but he's good with kids.

At this point, the guy realized I had my knapsack and camera ... you can't have them on the trails.  So I had to relinquish them to him.  But he did take pictures of us.

Me and Shiloh
Sister Sarah and Fly
Elaine and Appy
Chrissy and Ginger

And off we went around trails in the marsh!

As I said, I've never been on a horse before and I got really really nervous once I was sitting on Shiloh.  But after a few minutes, I was okay and felt fairly comfortable. Apparently Shiloh is a stubborn horse and when we had to trot, he refused.  Our leader told me to kick him hard in the ribs ... I kicked him a bit but felt bad doing it too hard so I never did get to trot ... so neither did the four people behind me.  The woman who was right behind me was okay with that since she didn't want me to kick Shiloh hard either.

There were lots of small ditches to cross over.  At one of them, Shiloh kind of balked and then stumbled over one ... I thought for sure he was going to fall, with me on him.  But I hung on and cheered him on and we got through it.

It was a fun experience and I'm glad I got to do it!


Masshole Mommy said...

How cool. I love horses and I would totally love to check out a place like this. I wonder if we have anything like this near me?

LeeAnn said...

It alsways amazes me when I do the group riding how many people have never been on a horse - glad you gave it a try - that is super super cheap -going rate here is bout $60.00 - next time try it in the caribbean on a beach :-) that is a great experience!!

Kat said...

$30 is very cheap for a horse ride. It was $90 for 1 hour at Lake Louise, Alberta!

I'm glad you didn't want to kick the horse any harder. Boo to the leader for telling you to kick Shiloh harder.