Thursday, 19 August 2010

Book ~ "The Corpse Will Keep" (2008) Pat Capponi

From HarperCollinsCanada ~ Fresh from the success of solving the murder of a roommate, Private Investigator Dana Leoni and her unlikely crew of misfit sleuths have opened a detective agency in the run-down Delta Court rooming house. Genuine clients are hard to come by until a friend from Dana’s past contacts her for help. He suspects his wealthy mother is being bilked in her charitable efforts to help the homeless. Though Dana is reluctant to reconnect with her past, she knows this world well—the church basements and halls where the indigent seek shelter and a hot meal. On the hunt for information, Dana soon falls in with a darkly charismatic church volunteer who is much more dangerous than he first appears. Set in two contrasting neighbourhoods—seedy Parkdale and posh Rosedale—the story’s events vault from extortion to kidnapping to murder. Dana must rely on the underrated skills of her housemates to help her catch a ruthless killer.

With her skilful portrayal of characters who may be down but are never out, Pat Capponi once again brings to life a world few of us know. In Dana Leoni, Capponi has created one of the most likeable—and vulnerable—investigators in crime fiction.

I finished the first book in the series on Saturday and enjoyed it ... and I enjoyed this one more.

It seemed to be more focused and solid. It was more substantial and on par with other mysteries out there. The cases that Dana was working on were interesting.

Though it's set in Toronto, there was less of an emphasis on letting us know all the details and more on the story.

If a third one in the series comes out, I'll read it.


JCB said...

I'm going to have to check this out!

Bernadette said...

Thanks for this Teena, I read crime fiction almost exclusively and have only just signed up for the Canadian Book Challenge (2 down now, 11 to go) so I have added this one to my fairly short list of Canadian crime fiction titles to seek out.