Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, Toronto, ON

The Chillin' Chicks got together for supper tonight ... Deb, Franca, Liz, Rona and I. We worked together back in the mid to late 1990s. Deb, Franca and Liz still work for the company.

It had been a while since we'd all gotten together ... it was fun to catch up.

We went to the new Keg on the Esplanade. It's swanky!

And here we are ... me, Liz, Deb, Rona and Franca.

I had Teriyaki Chicken (marinated in their own Teriyaki sauce and served with garlic mashed potatoes) ... the lowest calorie dish I could find on the menu.

It was good and very filling!

Here are Liz and I ...

And Deb, Rona and Franca ...

And as we were leaving ... me, Liz, Rona, Deb and Franca ...

Good friends ... good times!

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Teresa said...

Its always up lifting to go out with good friends. Looks like fun.

Fizzgig said...

girls nights are sooo much fun!

Lord of the Wings said...

That is some hearty looking chicken!

Glad to see everyone having fun :)

TorAa said...

Next time you charming woman have a "breake out" like this, please invite me:
I'll entertain with Viking Jokes.

That's for free.
If you pay transportation and lodging.

Seriously, I'm very happy every time I see you with friends - celebrating what so ever - just like we are.

btw. Sorry for my longs absence, once again, for not beeing a commenter as you deserves.

Hope to meet you during the once in a lifetime OsloBG

Isabel said...

Oo i like garlic mashed potatoes. I should try making them.

RennyBA's Terella said...

The chicks looks great and so do you and the girls :-)

For sure a great place to chill out!

Happy weekend to you and Gord.