Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The old Igor Kenk Bicycle Clinic

When I took KC to the animal hospital in December, they were cleaning out the nearby Igor Kenk's Bicycle Clinic.

What a load of crap they were hauling out of there that day! Amazingly people were poking through the junk and taking stuff!

The site is now being renovated.

Rumour has it a restaurant is going in there.

Should be interesting to see what they do with the space since it's very narrow and dark.


Lord of the Wings said...

I say the restaurant should be called "The Bicycle Thief" .. . like the movie, like Igor

TorAa said...

Changes like this allways interest me.
I'm sure, when you know the result, you'll inform us all;)

Tina said...

people will take anything if its free dont they lol

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