Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snowshoeing at Crawford Lake, ON

Gord and I went snowshoeing at Crawford Lake this afternoon. Crawford Lake is in Milton and about a 60 minute drive from home.

There were 31 of us and it was a Single Horizons' event.

We started off with a lesson in the Visitor's Centre.

Then we headed out to get our snowshoes.

Gord's ready to go!

I'm ready to go!

Let's go!

We went for a hike through the woods. It was snowing at some points.

There are lots of trails you can follow.

Here are Gord and I by Crawford Lake.

Afterward, LeeAnn (owner of Single Horizons) had a lunch waiting for us ... sandwiches, salads, tangerines and treats. Here's LeeAnn, Chia Kitty and I.

It was a fun time! We did it last year but it was a lot warmer this time. No doubt we'll do it again next year!


MonicaH said...

Sounds great Teena. I have always wanted to go snowshoeing and would have hone with you. Maybe next year.

Teena in Toronto said...

I'll keep you in the loop, Mon.

Isabel said...

Looks like fun! Is it hard?

Teena in Toronto said...

Izzy: If you can walk, you can snowshoe.

Teresa said...

Looks like a really fun time.

Fizzgig said...

snowshoes like in the cartoons! how fun is that!?

love the furbaby photo!!!

Tina said...

typical chia kitty wanting to join in on the fun!! :)

hope you had a good time

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