Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Book ~ "3 Fat Chicks on a Diet" (2006) Jennifer Barnett Lesman, Amy Barnett Buchanan and Bev West

From Amazon ~ Filled with the sassy attitude and sage advice of three lovable sisters from the South who have been fighting the battle of the bulge for most of their lives, 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet tells everyone who has ever wanted to lose a few pounds how to find dieting success. Because every dieter will try most of the popular diets at some point in a weight-loss struggle, the sisters give you the real scoop - as well as anecdotes and wisdom from scores of their online community of women - on the favorites, from South Beach to the Mediterranean Diet, Atkins to the Zone, and celebrity-driven weight-loss programs to Ediets.

You’ll get so much more than just coffee-klatch gossip:

* The pros and cons of each diet
* Guilt-free ways to snack and still stay with the program
* Straight talk for making the diets work for every meal of the day
* Menu suggestions when dining out
* Delicious recipes to try at home
* And much more!

Best of all, the book offers a fool-proof support system of love and encouragement from women just like you who are trying to win the war with their waistlines.

I kind of knew what some of the more popular diets (The Zone, Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach, etc.) are about but this book is great in that there is a chapter focused on each of them.

Weight Watchers works for me ... and reading about the other diets (or lifestyle changes) validated that. I'm not a fan of veggies and that seems to be a big factors in the other diets. I'd never survive without carbs!


Pollo said...

many thanks for the wishes of my blogversary

The Pollo Web

Anonymous said...

On neat! I that site but had no idea they had a book! So did your back adjust to the new chairs?

~~ thinnerbyjuly2010

Julie said...

One of my co-workers is doing the Atkins diet, which she is not enjoying at all. She may be losing weight faster than I am, but (like you) I'll stick with the Weight Watchers.

WaistingTime said...

I didn't know they had a book! I love their site and first found it years ago through Weight Watchers.

Luma Rosa said...

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