Sunday, 31 January 2010

J.C. Saddington Park

On our way home from Crawford Lake, we stopped at Port Credit so Gord could pick up some beer at the Old Credit Brewing Company ... you can read what he thought of their pilsner here.

We kept heading towards the water and ended up at J.C. Saddington Park.

We went for a walk. It was a lot colder since we were down by the water.

There's Gord ... you can barely see the skyline of Toronto over his left shoulder.

There were lots of birds in the water and on the ice ... brrrr!

We're not sure what these birds are ... I wonder if my pals, Angie and Rob, know (they are bird nerds).

It was fun climbing on the rocks.

It was interesting to see that the swans are tagged.

This couple was very popular with the birds as they arrived with a loaf of bread.


Angie in TO said...

Bread is terrible to feed the birds, I wish more people knew this. It has no nutritional value for them at all, and upsets their digestive system. It's better to just look at them.

The beautiful black and white duck (the picture you took of the solo duck) is a male Bufflehead. We saw our first one last Valentines day.

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Thanks for visit my blog...likes your photoshoot...very BEAUTIFUL ^_^

Nice to meet you

Teena in Toronto said...

Angie, I told Gord that you guys would hate that the bird were being fed.

I knew you'd know what the black and bird is. There were a few of them at the park.

Angie in TO said...

We're going to go check out this park on the 13th. :)

We love Luna said...

Dear Teena,
Your pictures are excellent!All little critters are so cute!I see the weather is cold there as well.I'm always concerned about those little friends, I hope they are fine with this winter.
Those ducks are cute!
purrs and love

Rob said...

Nice day out, eh... even with the chill. I'm fond of the various water fowl in the waters through the winter.

I do, however, want to go up behind people with loaves of bread who are feeding the ducks, geese, swans... and kick them right into the water. There is zero nutrients in bread for them. They eat it because they don't know any better. The bread fills them up, like how popcorn fills up a human... and there is nothing to it. The birds feel full but have nothing in their system. More so in the winter it is best to NOT feed them or actually research what they do eat and help them.

This kind of information should be posted at all water parks and hopefully a percentage of the population will actually adhere to it.

Sorry for the rant. Glad you guys had fun!

Tina said...

wow that is icy. love the close up pics. poor little birds

Tina from
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tracey said...

hey - randomly landed on your blog 'cause it has TO in th title. i'm moving to burlington in may, so i'm excited to check out the park - and NOT feed the birds bread - when we get up there. : )