Monday, 9 February 2009

Poor KC

KC has had chronic eye problems the last couple years. She's almost 14 and her ducts don't produce tears anymore. I have to put ointment in her eyes in the morning and night and fake teardrops during the day.

Her eye hasn't been perfect but I've managed to stay on top of it.

I met Gord after work and we walked home together.

We were shocked and concerned to see KC's eye when we got in. Otherwise she seems fine.

I called the animal hospital right away and, though they were fully booked, we were able to get in.

The vet doesn't know what's wrong but gave KC a couple shots. Hopefully they will kick in soon.

I have to bring KC back in tomorrow so he can check her eye again.


Clarence said...

Poor thing! It looks so sore. Hope it clears up soon.

LeeAnn said...

Oh dear. Give us a progress update
tomorrow. Feel better KC!!!!

Isabel said...

I hope she feels better soon. Poor thing.

Renz said...

I hope KC gets well soon!

Heart of Rachel said...

I really hope KC will get well soon.

Vivian said...

Hope she's feeling better soon.