Sunday 8 February 2009

Book ~ "The New Retirement" (2008) Sherry Cooper

From Amazon ~ In The New Retirement, global economic strategist Sherry Cooper explains that the boomer generation will be reaching traditional retirement age very soon and the enormous wave of boomer retirees will crest in 2025. This phenomenon will profoundly affect the labour markets, the economy and financial markets for decades. But will boomers retire the way their parents did? Will they work longer and transition gradually into semi-retirement? Cooper tells us that boomers will redefine retirement with great energy and creativity, working well beyond age 65 and mostly by choice. With the dramatic rise in their longevity, healthy goal-driven boomers will seek purposeful leisure focusing on regeneration, rejuvenation and low-stress contributions to society and their own personal wealth. Follow Cooper through her own journey to discover the route to financial security in this engaging and insightful read. Learn how the new retirement is about living well while achieving both monetary security and your personal goals. The New Retirement is an indispensable roadmap to the best years of your life.

I was expecting this to be more of a financial planning book. That would have interested me ... but as it turned out it wasn't.

Instead it was more about demographics (which I find interesting) and how the boomers are redefining retirement with our behavior and lifestyle. Our retirement isn't going to be like our parents or grandparents. We will work later in life because we want to, for example.

The book also takes a holistic look at retirement in urging us to be healthy both physically and mentally today as it will benefit us in having a longer healthy retirement.

It's not a heavy duty read which you'd expect a book about retirement to be. It's worth checking out.

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TJ said...

"The boomers are redefining retirement with our behavior and lifestyle."
What a insight for change we are seeing.
We are semi retired, have our home in Michigan and a small place down by Corpus Texas for the winter.
We are seeing a whole new travel lifestyle for the retirees that want far away from cold months of winter.
It's wonderful to know that our age group walks into the golden years "EYES WiDE OPEN".
Thanks for your visit to my blog.
Peace TJ