Sunday 22 February 2009

Nordic hiking

Gord and I went Nordic hiking today in High Park ... it was a Single Horizon's event.

I wasn't sure what to expect ... but I didn't think it was going to be such strenuous workout.

Here's Gord with the poles.

It's only as hard as you want to be. You push yourself forward with the poles. Apparently when you get good at it, you glide right than walking.

Our group:

Our instructors, Barb and Katarina with Chia Kitty:


Unknown said...

It looks like fun but brrrrr!

Petula said...

That does look like fun!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I hear it's a good workout!

Teresa said...

Looks like it was a perfect day for a walk. I'm sure it was an excellent workout.