Sunday, 8 June 2008

Chllin' Chicks' weekend - Sunday

I took Taffy and Misty for a walk to the lake (Lake Sturgeon), which is about a five minute walk. The path was really muddy and slippery ...
... but worth the walk!

We walked into the water and it was surprisingly not that cold (Misty swam for a bit and Taffy went up to her belly).

When we got back, Smitty (Ron and Deb's friend) was making breakfast.
Breakfast is served ... Franca, Liz, Teena and Deb

Melon wrapped in prosciutto along with French toast (made with jalepeno corn bread) stuffed with peaches ... yum!
I love this swing! So comfy and relaxing.


Mom Knows Everything said...

That lake is gorgeous! That breakfast is making me drool! I am so hungry now! LOL

Dianne said...

I want breakfast too and it's almost 7PM here!

I love the pic of the white dog - Misty?
she looks so sweet and the scenery is beautiful

Laura Brown said...

Beautiful photos of the water. That swing looks very comfortable.

I have to go out and plant more this afternoon. We are hoping for a good rain storm to water it all in for us. Funny how rain is so much better than water from the hose. Even a short rain will do more than an hour watering it all yourself.