Saturday, 14 June 2008

Taste of Little Italy, Toronto, ON

This weekend is the Taste of Little Italy. It's just north of us so we walked up this afternoon. Every year in Little Italy, they close down College Street from Shaw to Bathurst. There are lots of patios that spill out onto the street, bands on various corners, food vendors, etc. It attracts tons of people. It's become an annual event for Gord and I.

Italians have enjoyed its rich and affluent culture for centuries, with a way of life admired by all. This year you don’t need a plane ticket to experience Italy, we are bringing Italy it to you! The Taste of Little Italy will be held from Friday, June 13, to Sunday, June 15, and we invite you to enjoy a “taste” of our unique College Street ambiance and culture.
Gord was attracted right away by the jambalaya being served on the patio of the Vogue Room.

He enjoyed it so much that we stopped in on our way home and he bought some for his lunch on Monday. Their draft was a microbrew called Golden Horseshoe Pale Ale ... it was good! And a great deal at $3.75!

There was lots of music. Here are just a few bands ...

As we did last year, we had a 15 minute shiatsu treatment ($15). Very nice!

There were lots of food vendors serving souvlaki, hot dogs, jambalaya, sandwiches, ice cream, BBQed sardines and lots more. Though I'm sure the meat was delicious, I didn't need to see this pig.

There was lots of stuff for families.

I had honey garlic wings at Duff's, which were good.

A Taste of Little Italy attracts a lot of people!

We watched Ben Mercer interview Frank Ferrari on Talk 1010 about his wine, Voga, a pinot grigio. We were intrigued enough to go try it. And it was tasty!

Gord loves mojitos so we tried one at the Sutra Tiki Bar. I'm not a fan of mojitos but I liked theirs.

Then we tried them at Souz Dal. I liked theirs better ... it was limier.

It was late and we were getting hungry so got burritos at Burro Burrito. We love burritos so like trying new places. This one was okay, not great. I won't be rushing back. Burrito Boyz is still my fav!


Isabel said...

That looks like fun! those wings looked good.

Teresa said...

What a fun outting. Everything looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Italian food? Just wondering??????

ZoeyBella said...

Always a fun day out. And since Italian did in fact invent the 'Buffalo Wing' it makes even more sense to enjoy them ;)