Monday 7 August 2006

Happy Simcoe Day!

Today is a holiday named for Col. John Graves Simcoe ...

  • Hero of the American Revolution
  • Commanding officer of the Queen's York Rangers
  • Founder of Toronto
  • First Lt. Governor of Upper Canada
  • Builder of Yonge Street
  • Abolished slavery in what's now Ontario 30 years before the rest of the British Empire did it and 60 years before Abe Lincoln did it


~ames~ said...

Cool! I didn't know any of that. LOL That's what happens when a Canadian student attends a school taken over by Americans. *sigh*

Any plans for the extra day off?

Dawn said...

hmmmm, did not know that :)

but, i wonder why it's called civic holiday to most now? interesting

Anonymous said...

Teena, Happy Simco Day to you too. You're making me nostalgic for my childhood home along the Niagara River across from General Brock's monument. The nuns liked us to be well rounded so it's amazing all those stories about Canadian heros we picked up in school on the southern side of Lake Ontario!

I'm a sucker for comments, so thanks for stopping and chatting at my blog today.

RennyBA said...

One day behing, but just the same: Happy Simcoe Day! Don't think I've heard of him, but that's the great thing about blogger friends - you always learn new things from other countries and traditions:-)