Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Our last day in Mont Tremblant

While Gord played golf today, I relaxed on the deck and read. When he went by our place (we back onto the tenth hole), I ran out and took some pictures. It was pouring for his first ten holes so he was soaked. It wasn’t too bad for his last ten holes. He shot one of his best games ever.

Gord teeing off

Gord passing by in his golf cart
Second of three shots (he got par)
We walked into the pedestrian village and had supper at Le Shack. Since it's our last night in Mont Tremblant, we went up on the gondola one last time. We were one of the last of the night. It was wet and cold so we had one last quick look and then came back down again.

Then we had one last Blizzard at La Diablo because grabbing a cab (it was pouring by that time).

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