Tuesday 1 August 2006

Let's hike down Mont Tremblant, QC!

Today we took a drive around the actual village of Mont Tremblant and had breakfast at a local restaurant called Lorraine’s Family Restaurant.

We decided to go for a hike this afternoon. So we took the gondola up the mountain with the intention of hiking down. It was muggy at the base but cooler and fresher at the top. What a difference a day makes, though. When we were at the top of the mountain on Sunday, we had a great view. Today we were in the clouds! We couldn’t see anything.

We had 10 trails to choose from (from 1 km to 10 km) and we chose “Les Caps”. It was 5 km, winding down the mountain through the woods and considered “strenuous” … the estimated time was 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

With all the rain we’d had last night, it was challenging as it was very slippery and muddy (I slipped and fell twice). But it was a lot of fun.

Towards the end, we came across a small waterfall and stopped for a snack. It was so nice to stand with my feet in the cold water!

We were beat and hot by the time we got to the base again a little over two hours later (we took our time because it was so slippery) and stopped at the Bullseye for a couple cold drinks and nachos. Then we headed back to our condo to spend some time at the pool cooling down some more.

A thunder and lightening storm came up and knocked the power out in the area for about three hours. By the time it came back on around 10:00, we had settled in for the night.

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