Sunday, 23 July 2006

Toronto Blue Jays 13, New York Yankees 5

Gord and I went to the Jays' game today. I had bought the tix from our concierge service at work for only $30 each. We were in the second level.

The view from our seats

It was a great game! They closed the roof just before the game started because there was rain coming :(

During the first inning, four people arrived and had problems with their seats ... they were taken already. We're not really sure why. There were two empty seats next to us so we offered to move (so the four of them could sit together) if the attendant found us two empty seats. For offering to move, the attendant gave us a couple game balls.

We ended up sitting about five rows down ... right in the middle of about 100 Yankee fans who had been bussed in for the game! So we cheered a little extra loud ... that wasn't hard considering the Jays kicked some Yankee butt!

Teena and Gord after the game

On the walk home, we stopped at the Old York for drink (Gord had a beer and I had water) ... we like their patio.


Dawn said...

isn't that great???? i just got home from being the parents house for the weekend and heard about the jays-awesome!!!!

cool that you got better seats and game balls-that worked out well :)

Kiki said...

Hi, Teena! I would have been one of those bad Yankees fans!! Glad you had a good time!! ::hugs::

Fleur De Lisa said...

I love how you two always find the greatest things to do together. Good for you! :-)