Sunday 16 July 2006

Our tomato plants

When I went to Montreal in May, Gord planted a couple tomato plants for me. He hates tomatoes (I love 'em!) so it was a sweet thing for him to do. Neither one of us knows anything about tomato plants but we have been remembering to water them.

This one looks very healthy and hearty but
has yet to have flowers (which turn into tomatoes)

This one doesn't look as healthy (I trimmed off the sucker leaves) ...

... but has a ton of baby tomatoes

Both are supposed to produce beefsteak tomatoes but I'm starting to wonder whether the one that has tomatoes is actually producing cherry tomatoes. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Isabel said...

That was sweet of him. The plants are looking good.

Anonymous said...

i love tomatoes too :) i hope you grow a lot of them!

Vanda said...

If you put frames around the next lot you plant to hold them up. Did you feed them?

What a lovely thing to have done for you.

~ames~ said...

I used to grow tomatoes when I lived in Germany. And I don't even like them. LOL